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Singapore may ban the sale of sweet soda

05.12.2018 101 просмотров

The initiative was developed by the Ministry of Health as one of the measures to combat diabetes.

Among the less harsh instruments is the introduction of an increased tax on manufacturers and importers of such products and the restriction of their advertising. In addition, in order to inform citizens about the qualities of the product, it is proposed to apply special markings to the packaging. It should indicate the degree of usefulness or harmfulness of the product to health. 

Before the initiative gets to the consideration of the country's parliament, it must go through public hearings. However, the Singapore authorities are determined to seriously limit the consumption of sugary soda. 
Vietnam may impose a
tax on sweet drinks
< br> Such tough measures are due to one of the highest places that the city-state occupies in terms of the number of people with diabetes. Today, about 660,000 people, or 11% of the population, suffer from the disease in Singapore. The Ministry of Health of the country believes that if radical measures are not taken, by 2050 there will already be about 1 million cases in the country.

Today, every Singaporean daily consumes about 60 grams of sugar. Approximately half of this amount is occupied by sweet drinks. Also, a number of products with a high sugar content may also fall under the sanctions: drinking yoghurts, energy drinks, deadlines. 

Experts support the government's initiative, but at the same time note that the approach should be comprehensive. Otherwise, getting used to the new price level, the citizens of the country will continue to consume soda in the same volumes. 

Singapore is not the only Asian country in which the authorities are trying to reduce the consumption of harmful drinks. As "Big Asia" has already reported, in June =6943" target="_blank">Vietnam authorities have come up with a similar initiative. According to statistics, today about 25% of the country's population is overweight. 

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