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Sergei Shoigu called the performance of CSKA athletes in Tokyo a triumph

15.08.2021 101 просмотров

Sergei Shoigu: The Army Men performed well in Tokyo, despite the far-fetched claims of their rivals.

The athletes who represented CSKA at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, showed an outstanding result, despite the ban on competing under the flag of Russia, as well as the far-fetched claims of some rivals. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey on Saturday during the honoring of the army.

“Our army athletes showed an outstanding result at the Games. For each of you, participation in the Olympics has become not only the most important milestone in your professional career. It was a kind of test of your strong-willed qualities, efficiency, purposefulness, ability to pull yourself together before the decisive duel. And you passed it with dignity, despite the ban on performing under the flag and anthem of Russia and the far-fetched claims of individual rivals. We are proud of you!  - said Shoigu.

He noted that the army team represented a third of the Russian Olympic team and produced 64 percent for it. all awards: 11 gold, 19 silver and 15 bronze.

The Minister of Defense also awarded regular military ranks ahead of schedule and presented departmental awards to 40 athletes who represented CSKA at the Olympics. “The triumphant performance of the army men is the natural result of many years of hard work and self-denial. This is a huge merit of the mentors, coaches and  doctors -all those who led the team to a brilliant result,  - said Shoigu, presenting the awards.

Shoigu thanked CSKA athletes for significant contribution to strengthening the prestige of the Russian army and the country as a whole. He promised the army team full support in preparing for the next Olympic Games.

In addition, the minister said that the army will soon receive a big gift - A modern multi-sport complex CSKA with climbing wall, swimming pool, gymnastics and wrestling halls . Other sports facilities will also be built, including a large arena for equestrian sports.

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