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Seoul prepares to host inter-Korean football tournament

26.07.2018 52 просмотров

A delegation of North Korean athletes will arrive in the capital of South Korea in August to take part in a football tournament.

The sports competition will be organized between amateur teams. At the same time, social origin will become a prerequisite for participation in the tournament. Thus, the players of both teams must have working professions.

The DPRK delegation will include two football teams, trade union leaders, and officials. According to the North Korean side, the exact list of participants is still being formed, but it is already known that a total of 65 people will come to the South.

On August 10, the group will cross the border, and then take part in a joint press conference with two major trade unions associations of the Republic of Korea. The visit will also include a commemorative ceremony at the grave of Jung Tae Il, a South Korean labor rights activist who died in the 1970s.

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Inter-Korean football tournaments were held three times: twice in Pyongyang (in 1999 and 2015) and once in South Korean Changwon (2007 ). Officials call the upcoming competition "the opening of the Panmunjom era", while mentioning the name of the border point where the talks between the leaders of the two Korean states took place in April this year.

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