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Scooter festival held in Indonesia

29.08.2018 93 просмотров

In Indonesia, the annual scooter club festival took place. It is in this country that most fans of the legendary Italian two-wheeled Vespa, which is produced by Piaggio, live.

Indonesians not only love their Vespas, but also massively modify the design of the moped, sometimes changing it beyond recognition. 

Indonesia bike show 1.jpg

Apart from the Harley Davidson-style Vespas or wheelchair variants, in this country you can find scooters in the form of fake tanks with dummies of heavy machine guns and caterpillar tracks. 

Bike show in Indonesia 7.jpg

two wheels, as well as the original engine from the Italian manufacturer. Everything else is left to the designer's wild imagination.

Indonesia bike show 10.jpg

Of course, for a radical tuning of a moped, you need to have significant financial resources, by the standards of Indonesians. But in pursuit of a dream come true, Iron Horse fans will not stop at any obstacles. 

Indonesia bike show 3.jpg

And if some mopeds can at best boast parts picked up from a nearby junkyard, then other examples could well become prototypes of bikes participating in prestigious motorcycle shows.

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Indonesia Bike Show 6.jpg

Indonesia Bike Show 2.jpg

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