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Saudi prince wants to buy Manchester United

15.10.2018 120 просмотров

According to sports experts, the deal could be at least £3 billion.

Recently, the family of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Salman Al Saud, has been paying great attention to the world of sports. As TASS clarifies, some time ago she invested a serious amount in Formula 1, as well as in the company organizing the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestling show. 
Russian volleyball player will continue his career
in a Japanese club

This time the Crown Prince's attention is on European football. Salman Al Saud wants to acquire the legendary Manchester United club, or at least become its co-owner. According to the British edition of The Sun, the Al Saud family intends to "make a stir" in world football. 

Currently, the club from Stretford is owned by American businessmen Abraham and Joel Glazer. The eldest of the brothers, Abraham, spends quite a lot of time in Saudi Arabia. He is expected to take part in an investment conference to be held October 24-26 in Riyadh. 

According to some observers, Abraham Joel and Salman Al Saud may meet at the forum, at which the prince can voice its proposal. 

It is noteworthy that one of the most titled clubs in the world is already a partner of Saudi Arabia in the project to develop football in the country.

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