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Saturday mass exercises are introduced in Khabarovsk

17.07.2019 37 просмотров

The initiative was taken by the mayor of the city Sergey Kravchuk.

Morning exercises will be held every week until October. Classes are planned to be arranged on the ponds. The mayor himself intends to participate, the city administration noted. 

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They also reported that Sergei Kravchuk declared war on hypodynamia. The first class will take place this Saturday at 9 am. Two coaches will teach the townspeople the elements of strength training.
In April, Khabarovsk has already hosted a massive "Exercise for All". The action was dedicated to World Health Day. Several hundred people of different ages came out to warm up. They performed a series of exercises for the body to rhythmic music.

It is noted that the event in the city has already become a tradition and regularly causes great excitement among the population. Residents came with friends, classmates and whole families. 

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