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The head of the Indian MMA Federation announced his desire to promote SAMBO in the country with the support of Russia.

President of the Mixed Martial Arts Federation (MMA) of IndiaMayur Bansode seeks support from Russia in the promotion and distribution of SAMBO in the South Asian republic. He said this on Thursday in an interview with a TASS correspondent.

According to him, martial arts have always been in demand in India. "Sambo is already popular in our country, but it can become even more popular thanks to Russia. I have addressed His Excellency the Russian Ambassador [to India] To Denis Alipov with a request to support us in our SAMBO plans in order to create an active official organization here, the SAMBO Federation, which will promote this type of wrestling in our country. We want to contact the Russian Sambo Federation. After all, Sambo appeared in your country," he saidMayurBansode.

"We need support from Russian SAMBO athletes in terms of training athletes in SAMBO rules. Indian athletes know how to fight, but you need to know the rules of sambo. We will need help in getting your leading athletes to come from Russia to India and helped us to create SAMBO training centers, taught our athletes sambo. Of course, we will need help during the first championships," he said.

Plans of the future Sambo Federation of India

Bansode drew attention to the fact that the Indian government supports sports and allocates grants for its development. "But the important point is that this or that sport should be regulated, formalized. Therefore, we have a plan to create a separate Sambo federation in India. We want to register it as a non—profit organization," he said.

According to Bansode, before applying for a government grant, the organization will need to fulfill all the criteria necessary for sports federations. "We will have to present SAMBO rules, safety standards for athletes, anti-doping regulations in this sport. We will also have to hold national sambo championships for three years in a row," the head of the Indian MMA Federation explained. He noted that the help of Russian athletes will be important at this stage.

Sambo — to every Indian village

Bansode said that each state of India has its own type of wrestling. "Sambo is similar to wrestling, it will be very easy to adapt it in India," he said.

"Our plan is to come to the villages. In large cities there are already gyms where martial arts are taught. But the real fighters live in villages. If we introduce SAMBO in Indian villages, young people will be involved in this sport. They need to be guided, explained how to build a career in this sport," said Bansode.

According to him, SAMBO classes will be available for families with any income.

Introduction of SAMBO classes in schools

In addition, Bansode plans to introduce sambo classes in Indian schools. "Sambo is very useful for children and young people. It teaches self-defense. We have a proposal for schools. We can make it one of the types of physical activity in schools. But to do this, we first need to get approval from the government," said the head of the Indian MMA Federation.

Bansode noted that so far karate is taught in Indian schools, which is a mandatory discipline. "We can appeal to the government in the future so that sambo is also introduced in schools. It may not become as popular as cricket. But now is the time that SAMBO will be in demand. Everyone should know how to protect themselves," the head of the Indian MMA Federation believes.

Khabib Nurmagomedov's popularity in India

Bansode is confident that the development of SAMBO in India will become another direction for the further strengthening of Russian-Indian relations. "You have a very athletic president. I myself, you know, am a fan of [Vladimir] Putin. He's doing judo! I have a T-shirt with his picture on it, and of course I want to meet him. I like the way he moves, his gait, I saw how he teaches judo to children," said the head of the Indian MMA Federation.

According to Bansode, Russian wrestlers are very popular in India. "Everyone in our country knows Khabib [Nurmagomedov] and Fedor Emelianenko. You know, my students love Khabib, they have a hat like him, they are his fans. If he or Emelianenko comes here, it will be a huge contribution to the development of martial arts in India," Bansode said.

He said that the Indian MMA community has already supported his plans to develop SAMBO in the country. "When there is support from the government of India, from Russia, we will be able to spread SAMBO throughout India, teach it to children, engage young people. The homeland of SAMBO is Russia, we need your knowledge and your experience," Bansode stressed.

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