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Sambists of the Russian national team won seven medals on the first day of the World Championships

13.11.2021 166 просмотров

The only gold award on the account of Rasul Magomedov.

The Russian SAMBO team won seven medals on the first day of the World Championships in Uzbekistan. The competitions are held in Tashkent.

The champion in combat sambo isRasul Magomedov (weight category up to 98 kg), Denis Goltsov won silver (over 98 kg).

Silver medalists in sports sambo were Sayan Khertek (up to 58 kg) and Svetlana Uvarova (up to 59 kg), bronze - Alexander Glukhovskikh< /b> (up to 64 kg), Maria Molchanova (up to 50 kg) and Aliya Bikkuzhina (up to 54 kg).

According to the results of the first day of the world championship, the Russian team is in third place in the medal standings. The first line is occupied by the national team of Kazakhstan, which has five medals, of which two are gold, one is silver and two are bronze, the second is sambo wrestlers from Belarus (2-0-2).

World Sambo Championships are held annually since 1973. The current world championship will end on November 14.

Due to the sanctions imposed on Russian sports, domestic athletes at the World Championships and the Olympic Games until mid-December 2022 cannot compete under the national flag, and in their honor cannot sound National anthem. At the World Championships in Tashkent, the Russian team competes under the flag of the Russian Olympic Committee. Instead of the anthem, a fragment from the First Concerto of Pyotr Tchaikovsky will sound.

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