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Russian volleyball player will continue his career in a Japanese club

20.08.2018 150 просмотров

The 2012 Olympic volleyball champion Dmitry Musersky will move to the Japanese club Suntory Sunbirds. The athlete spoke about this in his Instagram account. 

Previously, he played as a central blocker in Belogorye. Dmitry Musersky joined the Belgorod club in 2006.

“I gave a lot of strength and energy, defending the honor and traditions of the club. Sometimes he played both injured and sick with a temperature, understanding the importance of matches and responsibility to fans and sponsors. And I am proud of the work done, my game and the personality that I have become over the past 13 years of my life,” the Russian volleyball player summed up the Belgorod stage of his career. 

On August 17, the president of Belogorye told the agency RIA Novosti that Dmitry Musersky will soon move to the Suntory Sunbirds.

The Suntory Sunbirds, a club from the city of Osaka, plays in the highest Japanese volleyball league. 

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