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Russian taekwondo fighter Khramtsov won the Grand Slam tournament in China in the weight category up to 80 kg

31.12.2017 62 просмотров

Russian Maxim Khramtsov became the winner of the Grand Slam taekwondo tournament in the weight category up to 80 kg, which was held in Wuxi, China. In the final, Khramtsov defeated Wang Nam Gun from South Korea with a score of 35:29. The third place was taken by Azerbaijani Milad Beigi, who defeated Russian Anton Kotkov with a score of 17:7.

Khramtsov is the 2017 world champion in the weight category up to 74 kg. After the world championship, which took place in July, he moved up to the Olympic weight category up to 80 kg.

The Grand Slam series will consist of eight tournaments a year, each of which will feature women and men in four weight categories. Men's 80kg and women's 67kg took part in the tournament in Wuxi this Saturday. In the remaining six weight categories, awards will be played on the next three Saturdays. Team competitions are scheduled for January 27.

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