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Russian Olympic medalists will receive BMW cars

11.09.2021 52 просмотров

Olympians will receive cars BMW X5 and X3.

Gold medalists of the Olympics will receive BMW X5 cars, silver and bronze - BMW X3 of various configurations. The executive director of the Olympians Support Fund Alexander Katushev.

"Gold" - X5 of various configurations, "silver" - X3, very powerful, almost like racing cars, motors of various configurations, told reporters about this , and “bronze” is also X3, but a little lower level,” he said.

Alexander Katushev clarified that the equipment of the car will depend on the number of medals won by the athlete. “We have double gold champions, we have double silver champions, we have silver and bronze. This time we tried to take even this into account,” he specified, noting that this year the fund would not pay cash payments to athletes.

Speaking about license plates on cars, Alexander Katushev told that until registration with the traffic police, name plates will be used instead of numbers. “So today they will go, I hope, around Moscow and not only,” he added.

Answering the question that many athletes subsequently sell prize cars, Alexander Katushev noted that it does not cause offense. “According to the law on charity, we do not have the right to indicate how to dispose of this assistance to athletes. And then, athletes are very practical people. Many, selling cars, we know such cases, donate money to charity,” he said. According to Alexander Katushev, the percentage of cars sold does not exceed 6%.

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