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Russian mountaineering championship will be held in North Ossetia

04.05.2018 126 просмотров

The region will host competitions of this level for the first time. More than 100 athletes will gather in the republic to determine the best in the rock class.

According to Kazbek Khamitsaev, Chairman of the Mountaineering Federation of the Republic, the rock on the left side of the Kavdolomit massif, which was chosen for the championship, was tested back in 1988 at the 7th RSFSR Rock Climbing Championship. This area is perfect for holding competitions of this level.

For the championship of Russia, the most experienced climbers have developed 30 routes with a total length of 380 meters. The routes developed for the current competitions are considered the most difficult in Russia. As K. Khamitsaev noted, this will help determine the best of the best.

He also specified that athletes from all regions of the North Caucasus Federal District, the Republic of Crimea, the Rostov Region, the Leningrad and Moscow Regions, and other Russian regions will take part in the Russian Championship.  

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