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Russian judoists took second place at the Grand Slam tournament in Baku

08.11.2021 132 просмотров

Russian athletes won two gold medals at the tournament.

Russian judokas won 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals at the Grand Slam tournament in Baku.

Gold medals on the account of Makhadbek Mahadbekov (weight category up to 73 kg) and Niyaz Bilalova (up to 100 kg). Albert Oguzov (up to 60 kg) won silver, Yakub Shamilov (up to 66 kg) and Ayub Khazhaliyev (up to 73 kg) became bronze medalists.

The Russian team became the second in the overall medal standings. The victory was won by the Japanese team (5-1-4), the third place was taken by the German team (2-0-2).

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