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Russian gymnast won a confident victory at competitions in Tashkent

18.04.2021 76 просмотров

Dina Averina won the all-around stage of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Tashkent.

Russian Dina Averina won the individual all-around at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Tashkent. The judges rated the athlete's performance at 104.10 points.

Competitions in individual all-around were held for two days, 51 sportswomen took part in the tournament. Dina Averina received 26.45 points for performances with a hoop, 27.90 with a ball, 27.40 with clubs, and 22.35 with a ribbon.

The second place in the all-around was taken by her sister Arina Averina (97.40). - 27.45, with clubs - 27.65, with ribbon - in 15.40. The judges gave low marks for exercises with ribbon due to during during the performance a knot was tied on the ribbon, and Arina, without noticing this, continued to show her program.

Belarusian gymnast Anastasia Salos (96.50) won the bronze medal in the individual all-around. On Saturday, the winners in the all-around in group exercises will also be determined.

The World Cup stage in Tashkent will end on April 18th, when medals will be played in separate exercises.

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