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Russian Alexandra Kosteniuk became the world champion in rapid chess

29.12.2021 74 просмотров

Previously, the grandmaster became the second in the tournament three times.

Russian Alexandra Kosteniuk became the winner of the World Rapid Chess Championship. Competitions are held in Warsaw.

In the final, 11th round Alexandra  Kosteniuk drew with black pieces against her compatriot Ekaterina Lahno.

Following the results of 11 rounds, Alexandra Kosteniuk scored 9 points. The second place was taken by the representative of Kazakhstan Bibisara Assaubayeva (8.5 points), the third place was taken by the Russian Valentina Gunina (8), the fourth place was taken by her compatriot Katerina Lahno (eight). Alexandra Goryachkina took 16th position (7), Alina Kashlinskaya — 20th (7), Olga Girya — 21st (7 ), Polina Shuvalova — 23rd (6.5), Leya Garifullina — 24th (6.5), Anastasia Paramzina — 35th (6),Baira Kovanova— 42nd (6), Ekaterina Smirnova—43rd (6), Evgenia Ovod - 46th (5.5), Anastasia Bodnaruk - 51st (5.5), Alexandra Maltsevskaya - 56th (5.5), Elena Semenova — 58th (5.5), Alina Bivol — 61st (5), Olga Badelka — 68th (5) , Alisa Nur-Mukhametova — 69th (5), Victoria Loskutova — 76th (4.5), Irina Utyatskaya — 78th -th (4.5), Maria Yakimova — 79th (4.5), Galina Strutinskaya — 80th (4.5).
< br> Alexandra Kosteniuk 37 years old, she is the 12th world champion. The athlete won the world championship in rapid for the first time, earlier she became the second three times (2012, 2014, 2016). As a member of the Russian national team Alexandra Kosteniukwon the World Chess Olympiads three times, five times - the European Team Championships, two times - the World Team Championships. Alexandra Kosteniuk is a two-time European champion in rapid and three-time European champion in blitz. In 2021, she won the World Cup.

Alexandra Kosteniukbecame the first Russian woman to win the World Rapid Championship. In 2014, Katerina Lahno became the winner of the tournament, but then she represented Ukraine.

The World Rapid Championship in Warsaw will end on December 28, after which the World Blitz Championship will start. Initially, the tournaments were supposed to be held in Nur-Sultan, but were postponed due to epidemiological restrictions. In the current format, the competition has been held since 2012.

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