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Russia wins Beach Soccer World Cup

30.08.2021 191 просмотров

In the final, the Russian team beat the Japanese.

The Russian team defeated the Japanese team with a score of 5:2 in the final match of the World Beach Soccer Championship in Moscow. The tournament was held on Festivalnaya Square at the Luzhniki Sports Complex.

As part of the Russian team, goals were scored by Fedor Zemskov (4th minute), Yuri Krasheninnikov (13, 34), Andrey Novikov (15) and Arthur Parotny (19). Takuya Akaguma (13, 17) scored a double for the Japanese.

Footballers from Switzerland won bronze medals after beating the Senegalese in the match for third place on Sunday (9:7).< br>
The victory at the world championship was the third in history for the Russian team. Previously, she was successful in 2011, beating the Brazilians in the final (12:8), and in 2013, beating the Spaniards in the decisive match (5:1). In 2015 and 2019, the Russians became bronze medalists.

At the group stage, the Russian team played in quartet A and advanced to the playoffs from first place with 6 points. In the group, the Russians defeated the teams of Japan (7:1), Paraguay (4:4, 5:4 on penalties) and the USA (5:4 in extra time), in the quarterfinals the Russian team beat the Spanish team (4:2), in the semi-final match she defeated the Swiss (5:5, 5:4 - on penalties).

About the tournament

The Beach Soccer World Championship is held every two years, for the first time the world championship was held in Russia. From 1995 to 2009 the tournament was held annually. Under the auspices of the International Football Federation (FIFA), the world championship has been held since 2005. The record holder for victories is the Brazilian team (14 times), the previous world championship was won by the Portuguese. Janeiro, then the Russians could not leave the group. In connection with the sanctions of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Russian football players were prohibited from displaying state symbols at the tournament. The coat of arms of the country was absent on the uniform of the players, and the national anthem was replaced by a fragment from the First Piano Concerto by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

The Japanese team took part in the world championship for the 15th time, reaching the final of the Moscow tournament was the highest achievement of the Japanese , the Japanese team had previously placed fourth three times.

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