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Russian rowers were invited to perform at the tournament in China

26.07.2022 ТАСС 71 просмотров

The President of the Russian Rowing Federation noted that the trip will largely depend on the epidemiological situation.

Russian rowers received an invitation to compete in China in October. This was announced to TASS on Tuesday by the President of the Russian Rowing Federation (FGSR)Alexey Svirin.

"China invited the Russian team to take part in one of its tournaments in October," he saidAlexey Svirin. — The tournament and its venue are still being clarified. Let's see what team and composition we will go there."

According toAlexey Svirin, in many ways the trip will depend on the epidemiological situation. "At the moment, in order to visit China and compete there, it is necessary to undergo quarantine for a period of seven days," he said. — According to the Chinese side, the situation may change for the better in the near future. But there are opposite fears that once again the situation may worsen. All these circumstances leave a certain imprint."

Russian teams are currently deprived of the opportunity to compete in foreign competitions due to sanctions imposed by international and European federations after the aggravation of the situation in Ukraine.

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