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Residents of Krasnoyarsk held a festive mass dousing with cold water in the cold

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In Siberian Krasnoyarsk, 407 daredevils gathered for the weekend, who, to the applause of the assembled townspeople, went out into the cold and doused themselves with ice water.

They do not need vitamins to maintain their health, and, despite the winter douche, they do not get sick, and their immunity only becomes stronger.

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"As a child, my father taught me to jump in the snow - they hardened me because I was sick. And now I don't get sick!" - says Nina, a resident of Krasnoyarsk.

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"Wonderful! Adrenaline! Mood! What else do you need? See how we are feeling?" exclaims Alexander Dobrynin, a resident of Zelenogorsk.

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"After cold water, the blood starts to play, and vice versa, it becomes warmer! Firstly, water takes away all our hardships. Secondly, we strengthen our immunity. We are smaller we get sick and experience less emotional stress,” say the participants of the event. - The main thing is not to sit for a long time, and also to set yourself up well! And don't panic when you swim!"

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Mass dousing became a real national record, with which Siberians celebrated the outgoing Maslenitsa on the eve of the Orthodox Great Lent. Megapolis. 

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