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Residents of Chelyabinsk are invited to play spring rounders

21.03.2020 113 просмотров

The outdoor competition is scheduled for tomorrow in Gagarin Park.

It is noted that you do not need to carry bats and balls with you. Participants will be provided with equipment on site. In addition, the organizers will explain the rules of the old Russian game. 

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The organizers of the action say that anyone can learn to play rounders, no special sports training is required. However, you need a firm hand, endurance and the ability to work in a team, - the organizers say. 

Children from 13 years old and adults are invited to play spring rounders. Teams of 5 or 10 people will be formed. During the game, you have to move a lot, so it is recommended to dress in comfortable sportswear.  

Lapta is a Russian folk pastime. The goal of the game is to send the ball as far as possible by hitting the bat and run alternately to the opposite side and back, preventing the opponent from touching himself with the ball. For successful runs, the team is awarded points. The one that scores the most and wins. 

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