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Rafting for elderly rafters staged in Turkey

03.10.2019 114 просмотров

Residents aged 65 to 80 made a descent down the river in the city of Düzce.

The organizers of the rafting tour say that the pensioners enthusiastically accepted the action and carried out the rafting with pleasure. According to them, all ages are obedient to sports achievements.

< /table> “Great idea, we feel young again. Thank you for the impressions and energy boost, as well as for your attention to us,” said 80-year-old Hasan Koch.

The rafting for the elderly is going to be repeated next year.

The most famous place for rafting in Turkey, the Çorukh River is considered, which is located in the Black Sea province of Artvin. Here you can also go sea kayaking, mountain biking, hot air ballooning and many other activities. 

The spectacular scenery of the Chorukh River and the pleasure of rafting attract many tourists and locals. < br>

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