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Pyongyang launches replica Adidas sneakers

18.03.2020 69 просмотров

The DPRK leadership allowed local enterprises to copy Western brands of sports shoes.

In the capital of the DPRK, Pyongyang, according to a report by the country's official news agency, the Central News Agency of Korea, the Ryuwon government shoe factory has mastered the production of sports shoes.

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"We launched a new production line of sports shoes for men and women, says Ri Sol-kyung, shoe designer at Ryuwon Factory, "Our spring collection features sneakers with bright colors and an unusual design that I'm sure many women will love."

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It all started about a year and a half ago, in November 2018, from a visit to the factory of national leader Kim Jong-un, who presented the director with a pair of sneakers fi adidas rms with a mandate to produce the same quality athletic shoes. Ryuwon is considered the leading exemplary enterprise of the industry, therefore it was here that copying of famous world brands such as Nike and Asics was mastered. Curiously, the authorities strongly encourage the creation of local replicas of modern Western clothing and footwear brands. 

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According to the general plans of the DPRK leadership, copying will allow developing import substitution for the autonomous existence of the local economy while stimulating production and developing consumer demand of the population. Some major entrepreneurs in Singapore are helping to create new products based on overseas designs.

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