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Pyongyang and Seoul discussed health issues

07.11.2018 141 просмотров

Over the past 11 years, these are the first negotiations between the two states regarding medicine.

The meeting of the two delegations took place at the center of inter-Korean cooperation in the border settlement of Kaesong. According to TASS, the South Korean side was represented by Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare Kwon Dok Cheol. The DPRK delegation was headed by his colleague Pak Myung-soo. 
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Experts discussed issues cooperation in the medical field and such an important issue as the joint fight against the penetration and spread of highly contagious (most contagious) diseases on the Korean Peninsula, TASS reports. expressed hope that the bilateral meeting would help improve the quality of life on the Korean Peninsula. According to experts, the expectations of the head of the delegation of the Republic of Korea were justified. The meeting was held in a constructive manner. The last time representatives of the healthcare sector of the two Korean states met in December 2007. 

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