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Priests, veterans and convicts played hockey in a colony near Khabarovsk

24.02.2018 88 просмотров

The traditional friendly tournament has been held for eleven years in a row.

hockey tournament was held on the territory of the strict regime correctional institution No. 13, in which not only the convicts themselves, but also the teams of the Khabarovsk diocese and Amur hockey veterans took part.

The tournament was dedicated to the church holiday of the Presentation of the Lord.

Hockey matches in the colony have been held by the clergy for the past eleven years. During this time, many teams participating in the competition have changed, but since 2012, the rivals of IK-13 have firmly entrenched themselves. "Amur", the clergy of the Khabarovsk diocese (team "Fishermen") and the team of IK-13, - says Alexei Naiman, head of the educational work department of IK-13.

- Such events have a positive effect on the behavior of convicts, on their correction. Sport helps them remember that they are not just criminals, but people who should go out and become useful to our society. There are many who wish, but not everyone knows how to stand on skates, so they learn on their own if they want to play.

The name of the team was given by Mikhail Sinitsyn, a player of the very first hockey team of convicts, who was previously a prisoner and supported the Kazan club Ak Bars ”, so I decided to name my team the same way. Despite the fact that the composition of the players changes every year, the name remains the same.

The tournament opens with the game between the teams "Rybari" and "Ak Bars". Enthusiastic exclamations of fans can be heard from the stands, but Viktor Mikhailov, the Ak Bars goalkeeper, who is waiting for his turn to enter the field, is the loudest supporter of his team.

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