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Priests played football in Novosibirsk

24.06.2019 52 просмотров

Before the tournament, after reading a prayer, the priests fought with the parishioners.

Futsal matches lasted for half an hour: two halves of 15 minutes. During the fight, an important ban was in effect. Players were not allowed to use foul language. 

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"Someone had to be re-educated right on the field," explained Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda in Novosibirsk, Andrey Tupichenko, captain of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral team. According to the priest, such a rule is relevant for the parishioners, but the priests do not use such expressions anyway. 

Until the last minutes, the score remained 2:2. Just before the end of the match, the team of the diocese scored the decisive goal. It is noted that the priests are strong not only in football. There are wrestlers and powerlifters among them. Recently, the holy fathers held an Internet challenge: they filmed various sports competitions, and then uploaded the video to the network.

"We bring the word of God to athletes, and sports to the church fence," said the head of the sports department of the Novosibirsk diocese Boris Levitan.

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