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Plywood boat races held in Turkey

07.11.2019 84 просмотров

Unusual competitions were held in Mugla, local residents and tourists became participants.

It is noted that the competition is held annually in the first week of November. They attract a lot of attention from Turkish and foreign media. 

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>In Seoul, the Koreans lowered water
paper ships
This time 10 teams took part in the race. Under the terms of the competition, they must independently build a boat out of plywood. 4 hours are allotted for this. Then the ship must be launched to participate in the competition.

According to the representative of the Muğly municipality, Ali Gulmush, the race is not a sporting event, but a form of entertainment. 

“This is a unique event, very fun, every year there are more and more participants,” the official said.

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