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Participants of the Youth Festival in Sochi charge gadgets while exercising on exercise bikes

18.10.2017 110 просмотров

Guests and participants of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi have already charged 574 gadgets thanks to the use of exercise bikes in Ecogonka, TASS reports.

For three days, 1486 people from 52 countries took part in the race.

"Ecology — one of the semantic blocks of the festival, and we projected it onto sports program, and the idea of the Ecorace appeared. Energy converters are connected to & nbsp; exercise bikes, which work to charge gadgets. All this was packaged in an interesting competitive format — the site has six exercise bikes that are not idle for a minute", — said the deputy director of the Roscongress Foundation Georgy Bryusov.

The winners of each 3km run receive souvenirs.

You can also test your strength in streetball, mas-wrestling, gorodki, tug-of-war, chess, table tennis , e-sports, fulfillment of TRP standards, take part in master classes in various types of martial arts from the Russian Union of Martial Arts, skateboarding, BMX, rope-skipping, hockey, figure skating, or simply participate in mass skating. In addition, the  futsal tournament "Towards the World Cup — 2018″ with participation of the combined continents.

The World Festival of Youth and students started on 14 October. About 25 thousand young people — representatives of public organizations, teachers, politicians.

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