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Participants and guests of the Olympic Games gather in Japan

18.07.2021 49 просмотров

Athletes and sports representatives from all over the world are coming to Japan for the Tokyo Olympic Games, which are due to start this coming Friday.

plane carrying more than 100 delegates from the Netherlands, India and other countries landed at Narita Airport near Tokyo on Saturday. Those who arrived at the Olympics were asked to remain on board the aircraft until other passengers left the cabin.

They were tested for coronavirus. Coronavirus-negative delegates have traveled to the Tokyo Olympic Village and training camps around the country.

Peak arrivals are expected in the next few days. Meanwhile, motor vehicle drivers in and around the capital Monday will have to face tough traffic rules.

Police say they will impose restrictions in places where there are many facilities for sports. These areas are found in Tokyo, as well as prefectures such as Chiba, Saitama, and Kanagawa.

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