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Paralympic Flame Unification Ceremony Held in Tokyo

21.08.2021 147 просмотров

Flames of lights from all over Japan came together at the State Guest House in Tokyo on the Friday ahead of the start of the Paralympic Games starting next week.

The ceremony was attended by Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga, Governor of Tokyo Koike Yuriko and President of the International Paralympic Committee Andrew Parsons.

Among the participants of the ceremony was also the head of the organizing committee of the Games in Tokyo Hashimoto Seiko. She said that the Paralympic Games will be an important step towards understanding diversity and harmony.

Lighting ceremonies to showcase the diversity of cultures across Japan began on August 12 across the country. The torch was also lit in the UK, in a village believed to be the birthplace of the Paralympic Games.

On Friday, all the lights came together in a spectacular display to form the official Paralympic torch. The flame of this fire will be used to light the fire in the bowl at the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games on Tuesday.

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