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Opened "Mountain Air" on Sakhalin

28.11.2018 178 просмотров

The winter season that has opened will delight residents and visitors of Sakhalin with a new center of attraction - the "Mountain Air" station for skiers and lovers of other sports.

The object will be put into operation and will begin to receive guests in a month - on December 23 of this year. TASS also reports that the complex will include a cash register area, cafes, lifts for people with disabilities, playgrounds, and so on. The building of the sanatorium was built taking into account the possible seismic load of the region, which is problematic from this point of view, as well as possible natural disasters (blizzard, heavy snowfalls, ice storm).

Mountain air.
Mountain air sanatorium. Photo:

According to the plan, "Mountain Air" will become not just a rental recreational station, but also a center for training various types of sports for minors.

The imminent opening of a new base is connected, among other things, with the forthcoming resonant sports games "Children of Asia". These prestigious competitions will be held on Sakhalin from 8 to 17 February. The young participants will have to meet on the ski slopes, measure themselves  strengths in biathlon, ski jumping, snowboarding, figure skating, short track and hockey. Athletes from 20 countries will come to the island.

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