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One in four Japanese commute to work by bike.

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A recent online survey showed that in this way the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun are trying to avoid being in the crowd and contracting a coronavirus infection.

According to a survey conducted in June by Japanese insurer Au Insurance Co., 23% of Tokyo's 500 business people who cycle to work at least once a week said they made the decision after the coronavirus began to spread. This was reported by the agency Kyodo.

95.7 percent of those who started cycling to work recently said that they try to avoid traveling on public transport.

Trains and buses, on their are considered to be confined spaces where there are many people, and therefore close contact, which should be avoided to prevent the spread of the virus.

The number of people cycling to work is expected to increase as “the new normal » coexistence with the virus certainly attracts attention.

44.3% of "office" cyclists said that an additional benefit of cycling to work is physical activity, 27.8% - that they do it to relieve stress, while while 21.7% would like to save travel costs.

Also conducted in Japan from June 19 to 22, a survey showed that 32 percent of respondents were advised to ride a bike after the coronavirus outbreak by their employers.
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