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Olympic outfit unveiled in Tokyo

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In the capital of Japan, they showed what the athletes of the island state will wear at the opening ceremony and other official events as part of the XXXII Summer Games.

The Japan national team uniform includes a white jacket, red trousers and skirts of the same color in the color of the national flag. There is also a blue and white color scheme that will be used by athletes at other official events, including at the presentation ceremony of national teams.

When developing the equipment, the designers adhered to the concept of "inheritance of tradition and history" along with "a sense of unity with the public."

To Olympics
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It is worth noting that during the 2020 Olympics, the Japanese team, along with other participants in the Games, will live and train on artificial islands. And the uniform of the Japanese team and all the Olympic medals will be made from recycled materials.

To do this, the organizing committee of the competition appealed to all residents of the country with a call to donate their old unused gadgets in favor of the Games. The gold, silver and bronze medals of the upcoming Olympics will be made from precious metals that will be extracted from the insides of obsolete electronic devices.

The XXXII Summer Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo from July 24 to August 9.

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