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Olympians who won medals in Tokyo will be awarded cars

08.09.2021 72 просмотров

The ceremony of awarding cars to the medalists of the Tokyo Olympics will be held on September 10 in the Kremlin.

The traditional ceremony of awarding cars to the winners and prize-winners of the Tokyo Olympic Games will be held on September 10 in the Kremlin. Alexander Katushev, executive director of the Russian Olympians Support Fund, told TASS about this.

At the Tokyo Games, Russian athletes won 20 gold, 28 silver and 23 bronze medals, more than 100 people became medalists.< br>
“The ceremony should take place on Friday, September 10, immediately after the Olympians receive state awards in the Kremlin,” Alexander Katushev said. - Everything will take place on the Cathedral Square, the cars will stand on the neighboring Ivanovskaya Square. We will be happy to present them to our esteemed Olympians, who have achieved such excellent results.”

The brand of cars prepared for the Olympians is still kept secret. "Let's keep the intrigue. But I can say that they will be worthy, very high-quality cars," said the director of the fund, noting that the cars will be of three classes - each will correspond to the dignity of the medal won.

outwardly they were similar,” he noted.

Alexander Katushev said that the delivery of cars will mark the fruitful work of the Russian Olympians Support Fund. “For two years, the foundation has supported the leading coaches of the federations in summer Olympic sports,” he said. “And those federations that received support from the foundation in the form of grants, coincidence or not, provided the lion's share of the total number of medals at the Olympic Games.”

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