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Olympians flying to Korea were presented with a flag with parting words from Krasnoyarsk

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Athletes of the Russian freestyle team in the discipline of acrobatics flew from the new terminal of Yemelyanovo Airport on the evening of February 5 to the Olympics in Korea. The team went to competitions after training on the slopes of the Gornaya Salanga resort in the Kemerovo region. 

In Siberia, the athletes held the final stage of preparation before the Olympic starts.

“The final preparatory camp was held in Siberia, because there is a small time difference with Korea, and it will be easier for our athletes to adapt there. The camp was excellent, and we are going to the Olympics with the mood to earn medals. It will be an Olympic debut for almost our entire team,” said Yury Zukol, coach of the ski acrobatics team.

The national team includes 19-year-old athlete from Yaroslavl Maxim Burov, who is called the favorite for the upcoming Olympics. In January, he performed with absolute triumph at the stages of the World Cup in freestyle skiing and won the main award of the competition - the Crystal Globe. Russian athletes have not been able to get it for 15 years.

“The mood is fighting, but very exciting, as this is my first Olympics. At the final stage of training, we worked out a stable average program, but I have one more jump in reserve, which, if everything is done well, will be worthy of a medal,” Maxim Burov shared.

sports of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Konstantin Pnev.

He wished the athletes good luck on behalf of the Academy and the Ministry of Sports of the region:  “I would like to congratulate all the guys on the fact that they passed the selection for the Olympics, which was extremely difficult. We wish you good luck and victories. Don't forget that the Siberians are with you!”

At the Krasnoyarsk airport, the athletes were given a large white flag with parting words from the Krasnoyarsk residents. Wishes were collected as part of the campaign in support of the Olympians, which was organized by the Komandor retail chain.

“When it became known about the decision of the IOC, we realized that we should not stand aside and considered it civil and human position. As a result, we managed to make a large flag and collect on it wishes and parting words from representatives of our sports organizations, ordinary citizens of Krasnoyarsk and Siberians. We hope our complicity, energy and message will help the athletes: “Our people are always ours!” commented Oleg Sipety, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Komandor retail chain.

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