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Northeast Asian National Sports Festival kicks off in Japan in 2020

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This was stated at the first meeting of the association's subcommittee on sports in Yakutsk, the director of the Republican Center for National Sports, Gavril Mokhnachevsky.

"The festival will help strengthen good neighborly ties. We propose to hold the first festival in 2020 in Japan, in 2021 - in South Korea, 2022 - in Mongolia, 2023 - in the DPRK, 2024 - in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) , 2025 - in the PRC," said Gavril Mokhnachevsky, speaking with the presentation of the festival.

The ARASSVA working meeting began on Tuesday with questions about the popularization of traditional sports. 24 regional administrations from Russia, China, Mongolia, South Korea and Japan take part in its work. During the meeting, plans for major events, the appointment of honorary ambassadors of the organization in the regions, as well as the preparation of the general assembly in Yakutsk in 2020 will be considered.

In October 2018, the Chinese province of Hunan transferred the chairmanship of the organization to Yakutia. As part of the chairmanship, Yakutia should ensure a meeting of working groups and commissions of the association at the level of ministries and departments, as well as hold an assembly in 2020 at the level of heads of regions. and the Irkutsk Region (2014-2016).

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The Association was established to support regional cooperation between the countries of the Northeast Asia: Russia, Japan, China, South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia. To date, 77 regional administrations are members of the association, including 16 from Russia. It has 14 sub-commissions.

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