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North Korean athletes will not take part in the Olympics

08.01.2022 39 просмотров

The DPRK has announced that it will not participate in the Olympics in Beijing.

The DPRK has notified China that it will not be able to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics due to the situation with the spread of the coronavirus. This was reported on Friday by the TsTAK agency.

“The United States and the controlled powers are becoming more overt in their actions against China aimed at preventing the successful opening of Olympic Games. We will not be able to take part in the Olympic Games due to hostile forces and the global pandemic. We fully support the Chinese comrades in their work to organize a magnificent and wonderful Olympic Festival, says a letter sent by the DPRK to the organizing committee of the Beijing Games.

The DPRK also did not participate in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2021.

The XXIV Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing from 4 to 20 February 2022. The capital of the People's Republic of China was chosen as the venue for the International Olympic Committee session in Kuala Lumpur on July 31, 2015. On December 6, the United States announced a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, which involves the refusal of official travel to China. American athletes will take part in the Games. The US initiative was supported by Australia, the UK and Canada.

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