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North Korean athletes will come to the ping-pong tournament in South Korea's Daejeon

06.07.2018 112 просмотров

At the end of July, Chungcheongnam-do Province (Republic of Korea) will host international table tennis competitions. For the first time, 16 athletes from the DPRK will be among the participants.

According to the agreement reached at the meeting at the end of June, in addition to the players, 9 more North Korean sports functionaries will come to the tournament. 

The participation of the DPRK team in table tennis competitions can be seen as a response to the recent Visit of a delegation of South Korean basketball players to Pyongyang. The women's and men's teams of the Republic of Korea visited the North Korean capital, where they held a series of friendly matches. 

The first meeting of athletes of the two countries in 15 years was held exclusively in a friendly and relaxed environment. The training sessions of the teams took place at the same site, and at the end of the series of matches, the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the DPRK, Won Kil U, gave a solemn banquet.

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