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North and South Korea want to jointly host the 2032 Olympics

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The authorities of the two countries are now holding consultations to develop a common position for filing an application.

According to South Korean media, a meeting was recently held in Seoul with the participation of representatives of the country's Ministry of Culture, as well as sports functionaries and employees of a number of other departments. At the meeting, an initiative was discussed on the joint organization of a major sports competition by the two countries. After discussing a number of options, the participants agreed on the 2032 Olympics. 
Unified Korean team
beat Taiwanese basketball players
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holding the championship in 2034 was considered as an alternative, “... but in the end they decided that the Olympics would be better,” RG quotes the words of the head of the Parliamentary Committee of the Republic of Korea on culture, sports and tourism An Min Sok. According to experts , such a decision was made not least because it will be difficult for the two Korean states to compete with China, which is actively involved in the race for the right to host the 2034 World Cup. 

It is planned that the host country of the 2032 Olympics will be announced in 2021. Thus, according to Ahn Min Suk, the two countries have three years to agree on all issues and conduct a competent and bright advertising campaign. Sports experts believe that the two Koreas have a good chance of success. The International Olympic Committee praised the efforts of Seoul, as a result of which North and South Korea acted as a single team in several disciplines at the Asian Games, which ended the other day in Indonesia. In addition, at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang, the athletes of the two countries competed as a joint team under a unified flag. 

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