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National Guard teams became the best at Falconry

29.05.2021 68 просмотров

On May 29, the results of the all-army competition for the best calculation of the Falconry unmanned aerial vehicle systems, which took place at a military training ground in the Moscow region, were summed up.

The competition was attended by two teams of the special purpose electronic intelligence detachment of the North Caucasian District of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, as well as ten teams from various law enforcement agencies of Russia.

The competition consisted of several stages. First, the servicemen passed theoretical tests and performed exercises in shooting from a Kalashnikov assault rifle, after which they carried out aerial reconnaissance of the area and adjustment of artillery fire using unmanned aerial vehicles.

The National Guard teams won 1st and 3rd places. In the overall standings, representatives of the Russian Guard showed the best result among law enforcement agencies.

Servicemen of the National Guard of the Russian Federation win victory in the Falconry for the fourth year in a row. Now they have to represent the Russian Guard at the international stage of the Army Games Army-2021 competition.

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