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Nagoya mayor's gold medal to be replaced with a new one

12.08.2021 179 просмотров

The Olympic gold medal won by a Japanese softball pitcher will be replaced with a new one after the mayor of Nagoya City tries the gold medal.

Goto Miu, who helped the Japanese softball team win the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, visited the mayor of her hometown of Nagoya, Kawamura Takashi, on August 4.

As Gotohung a gold medal around Kawamura's neck, the mayor suddenly took off his protective mask and tried the medal on his tooth.

This case immediately drew widespread criticism. The mayor apologized the next day, saying that he had behaved inappropriately.

According to sources, organizations involved in the Games, including the International Olympic Committee, the Japanese Olympic Committee and the organizing committee of the Tokyo Games, decided to replace the medal with a new copy .

According to sources, Goto agreed with this decision.

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