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Mount Everest conquered by a 70-year-old Chinese climber without legs

14.05.2018 41 просмотров

The expedition's base camp reported that on May 13, at 8:40 local time, Xia Boyu climbed the world's highest peak.

Chinese athlete has become the first person to reach the south side of the summit with both legs amputated. And the second disabled climber with limited mobility to climb the highest point on Earth. 

Nearly half a century ago, in 1975, Xia Boyu lost both legs to frostbite during an unsuccessful expedition to Mount Everest. After a long rehabilitation and hard training, the climber tried to conquer the mountain three times. In 2016, bad weather stopped him just 200 meters from the summit. 

A year ago, Xia Boyu's dream could never come true: the Nepalese government then banned blind climbers  and athletes without both legs to climb to heights of more than 6.5 thousand meters. Later, the country's supreme court overturned this decision as discriminatory. 

Before starting his epochal ascent, Xia Boyu said that this expedition is his personal challenge, which he must accept, since it is the dream of his life.< br>

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