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Russian Sports Minister to arrive at Tsakhkadzor Sports Base in Armenia

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Oleg Matytsin plans to visit the Tsakhkadzor sports base in Armenia in early October.

Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Oleg Matytsin intends to visit the Tsakhkadzor base in Armenia in early October. Matytsin said this on Thursday at the panel "EAEU: Sports cooperation in the era of global change", which is taking place within the framework of the international forum "Russia is a sports power".

"We plan to come to Tsakhkadzor in a week," Matytsin said. — This base is working effectively, dozens and hundreds of Olympic champions were trained there. We will continue to interact. This is important in our difficult times."

"Our countries are self-sufficient, we have a huge potential, today we are in Kemerovo, in the morning had the opportunity to visit the newly commissioned complexes ("Kuzbass Arena" - approx. TASS). These facilities are unique, and each country has its own approaches. Our president always says that Russia is open, we are ready to share our experience, invite friends. There should be no discrimination in sports," the minister added.

Matytsin recalled that on October 2 in Sochi will host the opening of the Summer Paralympic Games. "I hope that representatives of the Eurasian Union will also take part in them. We held the first CIS Games in Kazan, we have great potential, especially after the meeting of the heads of state in Samarkand. Athletes who have passed the school of international competitions cannot be divided. They are ready to come to us, and our task is to provide them with this opportunity," the minister stressed.

"I want to assure you that the Ministry is actively pursuing international policy. We were in Uzbekistan, and a sports week was held at our suggestion. Now we will arrive in Tsakhkadzor, the main thing is to build an attitude. So that the international community can see that we have not weakened during the sanctions, assess our potential and look confidently into the future," Matytsin concluded.

The Tsakhkadzor Sports Complex is located at a distance of about 50 km from Yerevan. The Tsakhkadzor Sports Complex was opened in 1967, it was specially designed and built to prepare Soviet athletes for the 1968 Olympic Summer Games in Mexico City. In 1986, the Tsakhkadzor ski resort was opened next to the complex.

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