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Medical rehabilitation department for young children opened in Irkutsk

21.02.2018 163 просмотров

“A department of medical rehabilitation for young children was created on the basis of the Ivano-Matreninsky City Children's Clinical Hospital. The institution is designed for 45 places. It will carry out a comprehensive medical rehabilitation of young children and the prevention of social orphanhood,” the press service of the regional government said in a statement.

Premature and underweight babies born with a body weight of less than 1.5 kg at a gestational age of less than 33 weeks will receive medical rehabilitation in the department. Children with identified disorders and children with serious difficulties in contact, with suspicion of early infantile autism.

According to Vladimir Novozhilov, the head physician of the hospital, “the department will accept the first patients on March 1st. There are currently 15 beds deployed. The department will provide not only physical, but also social rehabilitation of children from birth to four years of age with health problems.

In the rehabilitation of patients, specialists will use kinesitherapy, exercise therapy, massage, electro- and physiotherapy, psychotherapy , medical and other methods of treatment.

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