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Medals in cross-country skiing and alpine skiing will be played at the Paralympic Games

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Eight sets of medals will be played on Sunday on the second competitive day of the Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Champions in cross-country skiing and alpine skiing will be determined, regular matches in sledge hockey and wheelchair curling will take place.

Paralympic cross-country skiing competitions are opened by athletes in the sitting class - men will have to overcome a distance of 15 km (start will be given at 04:00 Moscow time), women - 12 km (05:15). The 2010 Paralympic relay champion and three-time world champion Maria Iovleva, as well as Akzhana Abdikarimova, Maria Zainullina, Irina Gulyaeva and Nadezhda Fedorova will take part in the women's race. Russian skiers do not take part in the Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang.

In alpine skiing there will be competitions in the super-G in all three categories - for visually impaired athletes, as well as for participants passing the distance standing and sitting on various modifications of wheelchairs. The first descent is scheduled for 03:30 Moscow time. Maria Papulova will perform in the standing class, who the day before showed the fifth result in downhill.

The main favorites in alpine skiing will again start at the start - Henrietta Farkashova from Slovakia (class of the visually impaired), who won the downhill on Saturday, a Frenchwoman Marie Boshe (standing) and German Anna Schaffelhuber (standing), who have already won gold medals at the Paralympics in Sochi. At the same time, the British Kelly Gallagher, who also starts in Pyeongchang, won the super giant in Sochi.

Redkozubov starts with the super giant

In the men's competition in the category of visually impaired athletes, he will make his debut at the current Paralympic Games 45-year-old Valery Redkozubov, along with host Evgeny Geroev. In Sochi, Redkozubov won the slalom and combination, becoming a two-time world champion in 2015.

Ivan Frantsev will also perform in this event, who took fifth place in the downhill. Alexander Alyabiev, Alexei Bugaev and Alexei Mikushin will start in the standing class (on the eve of the downhill race, the best result among Russians was shown by the two-time champion of the Paralympics in Sochi Bugaev - seventh place).

At 08:35 Moscow time, the third match of the tournament will be played by Russian wheelchair curlers against the Finnish team. Skip Konstantin Kurokhtin's team started with two defeats - from rivals from Germany (4:9) and South Korea (5:6).

The sledge hockey tournament will continue on Sunday with three matches. Teams of the USA and Japan, as well as South Korea and the Czech Republic will play in group B, teams of Canada and Italy will meet in group A.

After the first day of the Paralympic Games, Russian Paralympians have three medals - two gold and one silver. Ekaterina Rumyantseva and Mikhalina Lysova became champions in biathlon, Anna Milenina won the silver medal.

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