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Manila skateboarders advertise their sport

23.06.2018 95 просмотров

Last Thursday was the Official Skateboard Day in the world.

Filipino fans of this controversial, from the point of view of many citizens, sport held a large-scale action in defense of their high-speed hobby.

About 300 people skateboarded in a solemn march through the streets of Manila, the capital of the island state. The Board on Wheels Festival has been held annually in this country since 2011. On this day, city traffic stops, and swift silhouettes appear on the streets, sliding along the city asphalt on racing devices. 

from the historical center of the city to one of the three “skatedromes” located in the central metropolitan park. Paradoxically, one of the participants in the show, student Jame Cabaldera, sincerely believes that the hobby for a board on wheels protects young people from... early and unsuccessful marriages. “All the energy,” says Cabaldera, “is taken by the board. There is simply no strength left to court the opposite sex.

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