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Levitin: Russia will share with South Korea the experience of the legacy of the Olympic venues

20.02.2018 116 просмотров

The vice-president of the Russian Olympic Committee said that the South Koreans are counting on Russia's help in the development of winter sports.

Russia will share with the Republic of Korea the experience of using the Olympic facilities after the end of the Winter Games in Pyeongchang. Igor Levitin, aide to the president of the Russian Federation, vice-president of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), told reporters about this in Seoul on Tuesday following a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Moon Jae-in] knows that in Sochi all the Olympic facilities are actively working, and the Koreans want us to share their experience on how we managed to use these facilities and the infrastructure that was ready in Sochi," Levitin said.

The aide to the President of the Russian Federation said that the President of the Republic of Korea is counting on Russia's help in the development of winter sports.

"He [Moon Jae-in] really wants our athletes to help develop winter sports. He said that several Russian athletes have taken the citizenship of South Korea and compete for this country," Levitin said.

"Of course, winter sports are not so developed in South Korea, and the president believes that the Olympics will just give an impetus to their development," - doba Vice President of the ROC.
Vice President of the ROC said that the President of the Republic of Korea, Moon Jae-in, considers the creation of a joint South-North women's hockey team an important sign of the normalization of relations between Seoul and Pyongyang.

"Moon Jae-in said that he was very glad that the women's hockey team came from two countries. He believes that this is a very important sign of good-neighborly relations, which are very difficult to build," Levitin said.

It became possible, among other things, thanks to the efforts of the International Ice Hockey Federation, which supported the initiative to create an inter-Korean team.

The joint women's team of South Korea and the DPRK took the last, 8th place in the Olympic tournament, losing in all five matches.  

Previously, South Korea and the DPRK agreed to create a unified women's hockey team, consisting of 23 representatives of South Korea and 12 representatives of the DPRK. The national anthem uses the folk song "Arirang".

The Winter Olympics are held in South Korea from February 9 to 25. Russian athletes take part in it under the Olympic flag and in the status of Olympic at years from Russia. 

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