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Krasnoyarsk children knitted hats and scarves for Universiade guests

12.02.2019 170 просмотров

In case someone forgets to take warm clothes with them.

Pupils from 35 kindergartens and their parents prepared warm gifts for participants and guests of the Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk. This was reported in the press service of the Main Department of Education of the city.

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Winter Universiade torch relay
passes in extreme frosts

“Even last year, handicraft clubs were opened en masse in kindergartens. Knitting needles were picked up not only by children with mothers and teachers, but even by fathers and grandfathers. Those who did not know how to knit learned in the process. And now the collection includes more than 250 mittens, snoods, scarves and hats,” the administration said.

Each kindergarten has its own design. For example, they decorated their products with the number 2019, the inscription “Krasnoyarsk”, snowflakes, traditional patterns, bullfinches.

And in one kindergarten, they decided to put a note in Russian and English in each gift: “These mittens will warm you in a cold Siberian city where people with warm hearts live.

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