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Korean woman gets medical treatment in Japan

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A South Korean doctor has become the first foreign specialist to receive the right to treat in the Land of the Rising Sun.

After completing a clinical training course at Tottori University Hospital in Yonago, 54-year-old Korean Lee Young officially began working at Hino Hospital. The event is so unusual and unique that on the eve of the holiday, Dr. Lee Young was covered by Asahi TV channel, and now she is a real celebrity. 

Lee was born in Seoul and worked as a reporter for Dong-A Ilbo for 18 years. On duty, during a trip to Nepal, she met with volunteer doctors helping people on the brink of poverty. These experiences changed her whole life. She entered the South Korean Medical University and became a doctor in 2011 at the age of 47.

Deciding to devote herself to regional medicine, Lee Young worked at the rural medical center in the South Korean province of Gangwon-do, which signed a cooperation agreement with medical facilities in the Japanese prefecture of Tottori. It was there that after a while the Korean woman went to study in order to learn from the experience of Japanese doctors.

In April 2006, Lee Yong received a doctor's license, but in order to professionally master these skills in practice, she had to work out in her specialty in Japan, and this is a separate course of study.

Thus, in December 2018, a citizen of the Republic of Korea, Lee Yong, became the first non-Japanese doctor to complete a clinical training course at Tottori University Hospital.

Tasuku Harada personally handed the diploma to the woman , director of Tottori University Hospital, at a ceremony on December 14.

Lee Young believes that by sharing her knowledge back home, she can make a significant contribution to shaping Seoul's successful healthcare policy.

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