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Korean medical tourism was discussed at the international exhibition in Moscow

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Russians discovered Korean medical tourism not so long ago, but already many people go to the republic to improve their health.

“Firstly, what attracts patients is the very high quality of the services provided, because Korea is a very dynamic and developed country, the quality of medicine, and, I think, the quality of services and attitude. Quite a wide range of services they provide,” said Olga Kim, chief specialist of the Kongan Tour International Medical Tourism Agency, in an interview with the Big Asia TV channel.

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Companies working with well-known tour operators note that Korea in popularity, it has recently overtaken its biggest competitors - Thailand and Vietnam. 

A scheduled session of representatives of Korean medical clinics received special attention. After a short story about medical institutions and video presentations, a lottery was held, in which certificates for treatment in leading medical centers in Korea were drawn.

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