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Korean Embassy hosted a reception in honor of the Pyeongchang Olympics

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Korea actively supports Russian athletes competing under a neutral flag.

Nothing can overshadow the participation of Russian athletes in the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Russia say. Proper support, optimism, skill and the idea that this Olympics will go down in history as the World Olympics - this is the secret of success in performances. 

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“I think Russian athletes feel full support from us. As the Russian proverb says, a friend is known in trouble. We also have a similar proverb in Korea, and I think that Russians can consider Koreans as their sincere friends,” said Korean Ambassador to Russia Woo Yun Geun.

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in a difficult political situation, reaching agreement between countries is one of the main goals of the Games. General Director of the TV channel "Big Asia" Alexander Lebedev noted that during the Olympics, one should adhere to the ancient historical principle.

“We would very much like to receive more positive information during the Games. We know from history that during the Olympic Games wars were stopped, contradictions were forgotten. Therefore, I would like this Olympics to be held in the spirit of mutual understanding, respect, and for this period it is necessary to forget about all the contradictions and move forward together,” commented Alexander Lebedev, General Director of the Big Asia TV channel, commenting on the situation with the Olympic Games.
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> Volunteers are now working in Korea, they met our athletes in Pyeongchang, who compete under a neutral flag at the Games. By decision of the International Olympic Committee, many Russian athletes were not allowed to compete. IOC Verdict: Failed Anti-Doping Tests. 

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