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The Chinese club will become a participant of the women's handball championship of the Russian Federation

12.06.2022 ТАСС 52 просмотров

The Chinese club will take part in the next season of the Russian Women's Handball Championship.

The Women's Russian Handball Championship of the 2022/23 season will be held with the participation of a Chinese club. This was announced to TASS on Saturday by the President of the Russian Handball Federation (FGR)Sergey Shishkarev.

"A Chinese club will take part in the new season of the women's Super League," he saidSergey Shishkarev. — He will hold home games in Moscow, and will be located on the basis of the "Ray". Where exactly the Chinese club will hold games in Moscow, we will decide later. Let's assume that another Moscow club has appeared. The club will be formed only from Chinese players."

The winner of the 2021/22 Super League season was CSKA Moscow, which defeated Rostov-Don in a two-match confrontation.

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